Deep Sea Water Slide


Full Day



Length: 9.0m | Width: 3.5m | Height: 5.7m

This wet and dry slide is sure to add a lot of fun to your event! Keep cool at all your summer events!

Time obstacle Jump off

Time Obstacle Jump Off


Full Day



Length: 11.5m | Width: 2.9m | Height: 5.5m

Compete to get the fastest time at your event as you hurl yourself around large bouncy pillars and climb-through rings to be the first to emerge at the other end.

Princess Castle Combo

Princess Castle


Full Day



Length: 4.5m | Width: 4.06m | Height: 4.04m

Perfect for the young princes and princesses  who love to crawl, climb, jump and slide!


Tents (10 X 10)

Tents (10 x 10)


Full Day/whole weekend

Are you hosting a wedding, birthday, grand opening, tent-sale, birthday party, anniversary, or any other outdoor event? Leaps Of Laughter’s 10×10 white-topped tents is the perfect safe place out of the elements for your guests and employees.

Not just for rain, our 10×10 tents are perfect for keeping the sun off your volunteers or use them to section off different activities at your wedding. Alternatively, use them to cover your buffet or house your coat check. The possibilities are endless!

Tents (16 X 30)

Tent (16 x 30)


Full Day

Perfect for your next birthday, wedding, grand opening, tent-sale, anniversary and any other outdoor event, Leaps Of Laughter’s small tent rentals is the ideal way to keep your guests out of the elements.

If the sun is shining, our small rentable tents are a cost-effective, reliable way to keep the sun off your volunteers and guests. House your buffet, run a coat check, or simply section off different activities within your venue.

Tents (20 X 40)

Tent (20 x 40)


Full Day


whole weekend


per wall


extra day per wall

Our grandest rental tent, this soft-sided luxury structure is every party planners dreams. With high peaked ceilings and vented vinyl windows, your guests are going to forget they’re even in a tent!

This tent is big enough for your entire wedding party, birthday crew or baseball team. Utilize this tents structure for additional spaces to add decor and drive your theme, or make it your whole venue (yes, it is that big!).

Tables and Chairs

6′ Fold-out Rectangular Tables


weekend or single day


per extra day

Our sturdy 6′ foldout plastic tables are an easy stress-free way to level-up your next event or party. Whether you are serving food or not, having tables available for your guests gives them a natural space to regroup and converse away from the hustle of the party.

Outside of the obvious, foldout tables are the perfect way to add useful surfaces to a less than conventional party or outdoor space. Tables can be used to set out food on for a buffet or candy bar, or even pile presents on top to showcase the birthday haul, layout guest books, or favors.

If you are serving food, our tables are spacious enough to accommodate large settings for each guest – as well as all the centerpieces and decor needed to complete your theme. Easy to set up, decorate and customize Leaps Of Laughters 6′ Foldout Tables are a must have for any party.


Fold Out Chairs


single day

Lightweight and easy for transportation our rental chairs feature metal bars, plastic seats, and backrests providing your guests’ sturdiness and comfort all night long.

Whether you are having a formally seated dinner or not providing your guests with ample comfortable seating means the only thing they need to worry about is remembering all the moves to the chicken dance. Perfect for your next picnic, birthday, retirement party, fundraiser, backyard concert, wedding, and so much more!


Helium Tanks

Large Helium Tank



2 Days

Easily create elaborate balloon creations at home as a cheap decor alternative. Our medium tank rental will easily fill 60 balloons with the highest-quality helium ensuring your air-filled creations last the whole night through.



2 Days

Balloons are a cheap and easy way to make a huge impact on your party’s decor. Our large tank rental will easily fill 150 balloons with the highest-quality helium ensuring your air-filled creations last the whole night through.



Have your guests saddle up to our mobile bar at your next event! Covered in luxurious, easy-to-clean fabric with padded corners this chic bar will seamlessly blend into any party theme. Stock and staff it with your favorite booze and bartender and get the party started.

An easy way to level up any wedding, birthday, community fundraiser or charity event – our bar rental will make your guests leap with laughter!


Tradeshow Board

Showcase your business or presentation the best way possible with our gorgeous stretched fabric display wall. Utilize the full 360-degree display space on the luxurious blue felt with easy to use fasteners and attachment options. Alternatively, our tradeshow board makes an awesome backdrop for your photo booth or an easy separation of spaces at your venue. More than just corporate events, our tradeshow board can make the perfect addition to your birthday, wedding and community event.

The listed price includes the setup and takedown of the structure at your venue by our expert staff.


Face Painting by Art By Taron Senko

Taron Senko, winner of 2nd Place in Kamloops Best 2019 Local Artist Category. She provides face painting through her “Art by Taron Senko” for Birthdays, Special Events and Businesses near and far. Using sensitive skin-friendly products like Snazaroo, Arteza and Kryolan she creates colorful happy memories of Unicorns, Ninja Turtles and all other imaginative creatures your little ones can dream up. 


Authentic "Blues Brother" Car